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VAT is included in all product/booking prices.
Côa Honeycomb (GOSTO AMARGO UNIPESSOAL LDA) reserves the right to change prices at any time. However, Côa Honeycomb (GOSTO AMARGO UNIPESSOAL LDA) undertakes to apply the rates and prices indicated when placing the purchase order.
In the event of a computer, manual, technical error, or of any other origin, which causes a substantial change not foreseen by Côa Honeycomb (GOSTO AMARGO UNIPESSOAL LDA) in the public sale price, in such a way that it becomes exorbitant or manifestly derisory, the purchase order will be considered invalid and annulled. The prices of the products/bookings available on are valid for purchase orders made through
The payment methods used at are the following: Bank transfer, VISA or MASTER CARD.
If you choose the bank transfer method of payment, your reservation will only be validated after you send proof of payment to, Côa Honeycomb (GOSTO AMARGO UNIPESSOAL LDA) is not responsible for any conflicting dates.