The Story

In a simple olive grove, where only olive picking was carried out, but in which the incredible view it provided always stood out, we had the dream of sharing this view with the world, combining it with the best that the region has to offer.

Ideas began to be put on paper and the dream would come true. A project that brings new life to the olive grove and provides the opportunity for those who visit it to be dazzled by the splendor of magic that it offers.

With the aim of creating a differentiating project, and with the beekeeping activity already existing in the family business, we created a project that could link this area with tourism. Not wanting to clash with the existing nature, we built four bungalows in wood and with a hexagonal shape alluding to honeycombs.

We also sought to build spaces for socializing and leisure, which transmit tranquility and calm, but also provide moments of adventure, adrenaline and new experiences, qwe want above all, that those who visit us feel at home.

After two years of construction, in which a lot of effort and dedication was involved, in addition to tears, blood and sweat, the Côa Honeycomb,tourism is the result of a dream and the desire to build a special and unique place.

We want to provide the best stay for those who visit us, to the point of exceeding their expectations, creating the desire to return more often.


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